About Freedom

Freedom Percussion is a WGI Independent performing arts group based out of St. Louis, Missouri. Freedom aims to provide youth activities that enhance personal growth and development through excellence in education, entertainment, and competition. Those who perform with Freedom get the opportunity to excel musically, grow mentally, and create lasting relationships with their peers.


  • Alan Barone
  • Alex Bishop
  • Chris Cablish
  • Conor Mathenia
  • Dan White
  • Derek Peplaw
  • Emme Harms
  • Jason Mathis
  • Kevin Nguyen
  • Mike Cernicek
  • Mike Davis
  • Trelon Fletcher
  • Carson Kersting
  • Matt Brawner
  • Kevin Balch
  • Quincy Broadus
  • Destiny Hendrick
  • Marcus Kwasa
  • Thor Cullum


You may contact us through email at staff@freedompercussion.org or via Twitter and Facebook!